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After being in Harvard Square for more than 20 years I am grateful and honored to serve my clients with  true devotion and honesty.  The years have brought me a wealth of experience that I know could not have been gained without such a diverse community.  I have become a better human being for the love, trust and respect all of you have given me.  My journey has lead me to this place, The Old Baptist Church. I feel Wiser and at Peace every day experiencing the love and connections I make with myself and the people around me. We must recognize that life is a transformative experience from within. Without a strong, healthy and trusted body, harm will reduce us to whining, complaining, ill beings, shadows of ourselves and life's intention.  I grew up poor and sick and now I fly. Virus's will get worse, the Planet will get worse if we as a humans don't get healthy in body and spirit. Time to WAKE UP.



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