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Bill Polk, LMT, NFT
 For the past 68 years as a Diabetic, Martial Artist, Body Worker, Massage Therapist, I have developed a bodywork style known as Osteo Neurofascial Therapies or Neurostretch.  The development of NFT began as I was finally able to process my dysfunction which I took for normal. Wrong diagnosis was absolute mayhem. Failing at physical endeavors, migraines, stunted growth and constant pain in my feet legs and back were the norm. I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus in 1974 at age seventeen. A blood sugar of 610 mg/dl blinded me, unable to walk and weighing 101 pounds.  My classic symptoms of bleeding teeth, blurred and jumping vision, irritability, constant migraines, constipation, excessive sugar eating and excessive thirst went undiscovered for 14 years.  The Neuropathy in my feet and legs was so bad that amputation was probable. My Grandmothers doctor couldn't find a thing wrong with me with all of my symptoms. I suggested a Glucose Tolerance Test that I had recollected from a film that I had seen in 6th grade science class. We put the blood on the test strip then turned pale as a sheet and said "Mable get him to the hospital now". I asked what the level was. He turned and apologized to us. He then held the strip up and said that he couldn't tell. It was black from the sugar in my blood.  He then said "Go, I will call and let them know your coming." Joslin Diabetes Clinic admitted me immediately. And so my journey began. I was lucky enough to have Allen P. Joslin as my physician who taught me the particulars of insulin therapy until his retirement in 1976 from the Joslin Diabetes Clinic.    
.    I became a Student/Instructor of Tae Kwon Do at Jae Hun Kim TKD in 1975 until 1979.  Training was rigorous and most times grueling with 14 hour workout days.  Diabetes had ravaged my body to the point of no return. After being put on insulin I had more problems. I became strong through that training with Master Jae Hun Kim. I received my 1st Degree Black Belt in 1978. I was asked to teach the Northeastern University Tae Kwon Do Club in 1979 and then opened Dragon's Lair TKD School in Codman Sq. Dorchester as well. 1981 I was given the position of Lecturer by Dr. Carl Christiansen at Boston Bouv'e School of Human Development teaching three HSLS courses from 1981 until 1992.  This propagated my development of NFT with a very diverse community of Students, Faculty and Staff. 12 classes per week. President Jack Curry would often observe the classes I taught which prompted many discussions. Professor Charles Meszoely became my student who then propagated my interest for Biology, Anatomy and Physiology. I was investigated by the AT and Physical Therapy Department as a suspect of dondiscript enhancement. When asked I answred it was prt of my Martial Arts Training. Northeastern Athletic Training Department Heads, Krekor (KoKo) Kassaban and Dr. Chad Starky became my biggest proponents as I worked with injured students, athletes and staff members to get them back to there athletic and sport endeavors.  Olympic Power Lifter Les Sewall and NU Strength Coach Joel St. Cyr took me away from the fear of power lifting to bring to a 315lb Hang Clean. My high rep 2.5lb workouts allowed me to attain this quickly. This development to connect differently helped me understand the needs and importance of correction and connection of the human body.  The combination of Weight Training, my style of Fascial Stretching,  Martial Arts and Corrective Exercises became Neurostretch/NeuroFascial Therapies, Dragon's Edge, Wei Chi Meridian Theory and Torque Factor Nine.
   I was invited to teach at the Boston Shiatsu School by Dr. Steven Marcus and Kiku Miyuzaki (founder of the school) from 2001 to 2003.  I became her personal therapist after her hip replacements and loss of sensation in her back and legs.  In 2003 I began teahing at the New England Scool of Acupuncture and then traveled to Thailand to study with Miyuzaki's classmate Master Endo.  The experience led me to believe that East and West needed a place to come together. I have found that in this structural connective therapy TF9. Shaq my apologies for not meeting you in the Square. Brady want to Reboot? 
   I was a nationally ranked martial artist at different times in my career for the past four decades before ending my fighting career in 2005. My own athletic achievements guided me to work in sport performance and rehabilitation with professional and amateur athletes alike, including football great Green Bay Packer, Sean Jones, Chris (Knuckles) Nylan, Chicago Black Hawks, Billy (Whiteshoes) Johnson, Atlanta Falcons, Boston College's Derek Knight and Elite Marathoner Daniel Muhendi, Patti Catalano, Elite Marathoners, Dave Klemik, Perry Moss, Joe Rogan, Said Ahmed, Mariko Cantley and Cyclist Don and Melissa Seib to name a few. 1995 I was hired to be the Manager of the Reggie Lewis Center. 
  NFT (Neurostretch) Torque Factor 9 is a creative, powerful, and effective way to address common alignment stress/pain,  sports injuries, chronic sciatica, skeletal structural problems, plantar fasciitis and many other issues.  It combines flexion, extension and rotation of the trunk and limbs to achieve an effective torque factor to connect with the corrective ability that is us. It is a most sought after modality with a very diverse population. The problem of this therapy is I am the only person that does it. The only way to describe and understand NFT's effectiveness is to try it.  Persons that experience my treatments learn that the problems they have are not one thing but everything.  Ultimately we are self correcting with the proper techniques. Neurostretch is that technique.  I look forward to helping those who wish to understand and solve chronic problems.  Understanding how Correction and Connection leads to constant enhancement is the goal.     
   *NOTE:  Bill is accepting new clients at this time for those in need of help. Not for simple massage.











"I started working with Bill several years into my professional career.  I was suffering from the typical ailments of dancers foot pain, knee pain, occasional Achilles Tendonitis and back pain, hyper flexibility and strength in some areas and extreme limitations in others.  I have danced for over twenty years, andassage  I assumed that this was just the nature of my body.  After working with Bill I not only walked out of every appointment relieved of pain, but I received the knowledge I needed to improve myself.  Now from appointment to appointment I see that I have gained flexibility and balance, and I can prevent the recurrence of pain and weakness by myself.  With Bill I care for and develop the fundamental tool of my trade, expand what I am capable of and maximize the precious number of years I can continue to dance.  He helps me be the master of my body."

           -Mariko E. Cantley, professional ballroom dancer




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