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The Most Predictable Science of Self

I've always connected with the common sense people in the world.  Dick Gregory who helped Walter Hudson loose 300 lbs to be able to walk out of his house for the first time in 10 years, helped me understand that all the things we do and don't do have a direct affect on our personal psyche of how we think and how we don't/can't think.  Our social and environmental limitations rule us. If I keep my chin in front of my sternum and my feet turn out like a duck and I have no idea why my neck, my back, my knees and my feet hurt. Oh yeah my energy is low and I don't breath so well. I don't have time to workout because I don't know how because every time I do, I hurt myself.  Sciatica and Plantar Fasciaitis need everything except what you really need to do to rid yourself of either or. Stretch and lift for close to perfect human posture. Sit up. Turn your feet straight walking, sitting, running all of the time. No Bunions, no foot problems, no hip problems if you keep your feet straight. Structural correction is a/the constant for perfect postural health and wellbeing. 

Quality of life is up to you to find out what you should and should not do. the blame is on us. Wake up and realize.  More to come.

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