Abstract Glow






 When we look at what we've done and where we are in this stage of life you must understand the facts. What we did not learn and what we did learn has affected us either positively or negatively with or without our knowledge. Our environment and the stresses of it are the biggest factors of our Personal Evolution. We evolve in incremental stages unbeknownst to us all due to our environment. We must realize the smallest things, being the most important, . Watching and learning from the elders around us will be the most important things that will work for us or cause the problems that we have for a good part or forever in our lives. We are the best machines/organisms on the planet. We can correct all that goes wrong and improve all that is working for us. We can always be better. Figure out the the problems you have and fix them with NeuroKnowledge and progress until you at any age are living without pain and functioning maximally for you.