Voted Best of Cambridge 2018 Massage Therapist

Athletic Enhancement, Regaining Strength and Prowess at all ages is my specialty. TF9 (Torque Factor 9) Fascial Stretching and connection is absolute. Clinically proven for more than forty years to help you regain what should never be lost. The Connection you have lost is always there inside of you. Learn to trust yourself again through TF9. Just when you've lost common range of motion, agility and strength and no one can give you an answer. Bring yourself, give me your injured, weak, less functioning and watch what happens. I will help you understand within 10 minutes that you must do the right thing. Connection is Instant Gratification is TF9 is my promise. At any age live amongst the clouds. Yelp Reviews.

Sam Gruber, Duke Fencing

Released from Vancouver 2018 due to an Achilles injury. 3 sessions TF9 in 2019. Signed with LA Galaxy 6/15/19

#1 Ballroom Dancers

Mariko Cantley and Nazaar Batih

Once he couldn't now he's better than ever.

Yogi Gene Pacelli

Why am I tired all the time and why won't my eyes heal after surgury. The doctors couldn't tell him.

Blood Sugar 193 at 11 AM

Discover why your ill or won't heal. Discover how Age is not a Disability. Are you ready to accept responsibity for your Condition. 

She's my Hero and a Superstar 79yo LW

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