Neurofascial Therapy

NeuroFascial therapy is a modality/bodywork created by Bill Polk to promote the reconnection of basic movement and bodily functions through specific massage and fascial stretching.  Resolve sciatica, plantar fasciaitis, knee, foot and hip problems due to misalignment.

Connective/Fascial Exercise

Connective exercise involves assessing the physical and structural causes for pain, chronic injury, limited range of motion or decreased performance. It also involves creating a program of exericses individuals can complete on their own in a therapeutic manner to resolve their pain or performance issues.   


Therapeutic Massage

Any type of bodywork can create relaxation of the muscles, connective tissue and body in general. Therapeutic massage goes beyond relaxation to provide additional health benefits for various ailments and conditions, including acute or chronic pain, systemic imbalances such as poor digestion, or emotional issues such as anxiety or depression. 

Starting At $130.00 Per Session




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