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Neurofascial Therapy

Neurofascial therapy is a modality/bodywork created by Bill Polk to promote the reconnection of basic movement and bodily functions by understanding that the Skeletal Structure tells us all we need to know to access the power and connection of our bodies.  Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man shows in detail all that is right for humans to connect and fully understand body use and function. Pain is a lack of Connection by way of Fascial deviations due to the improper use of our Skeletal Structure. Deviate from that which is correct and you have a myriad of problems.      


Connective Exercises Protocol

The Connective exercises involve assessing the structure of the subject following a protocol of three to five specific stretches of Neurostretch.  This is to access the exact structural range of motion and the identification of causes for the pain or chronic injury of the client.  Limited range of motion or decreased performance of any person has/had nothing to do with age. It's your environment, activity or lack of it, not knowing how to stretch or work out properly, etc. Creating a program of self-awakening and admission of laziness and ignorance is a hard thing for all of us to do.   Unfortunately, there is only one way to maximize the connection with the human body.  It's the perfect Triangle.  Don't over-consume food.  Alcohol and sugar are physical/mental problems leading to pain and ultimately bad death.   Work within your range of motion as not to cause your own physical problems.  Regardless of your age weight training properly and stretching is absolutely necessary.  Some form of cardiovascular exercise done properly is a must.  Bill Polk's NeuroFascial Therapies is a journey to discover yourself.  Forty-five years of experience and thousands of clients have me in love and hooked on what I do.  My clients deserve to know what I know so I teach them to learn to resolve their own pain or performance issues.